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Chamunda Equipments pioneered the development of Toggle Clamps in India since 1986 and still manufactures the country's widest and most recognized line of these useful and adaptable tools. Until two decades ago, Toggle Clamps were imported — another leak in our foreign exchange reserves. Thanks to the foresight of our seniors, Chamunda Equipments was born and under their able administration and infallible technical know-how, Toggle Clamps were manufactured in India.

During the last twenty years Chamunda Equipments has come a long way. Constant endeavor in quality enhancements and application areas has led Chamunda Equipments to be a globally competitive Toggle Clamp manufacturer. We are proud that we have put India on the world map as far as broad spectrum Toggle Clamp manufacturing is concerned. We owe a lot to our customers, who have always been a source of inspiration and unrelenting support.

Chamunda Equipments is committed to meeting the changing needs of its customers through continuous improvements and development of its clamping products and services. This commitment is seen in all our products manufactured thru the years, from manual clamps to our latest range of hydraulic clamps.

Over 200 different Toggle Clamps and clamping systems are available to suit nearly any application requirements. We have developed these clamps for infinite applications, considering the different shapes and sizes, holding capacity as well as operating ease.

We Chamunda Equipments are manufacturing Toggle Clamp Since 1986, Due to Good / Accepted Design and Quality Products have given us Global Publicity good Demand and wide markets in our country as well as Abroad.

At present Chamunda Equipments clamps are more popular due to their capacity of holding work or for positioning the job for various purpose.

Our good manufacturing facilities, innovation & optimized supply chain management insure that our customer always receive QUALITY product at affordable PRICE.

All our sincere Endeavor are being made for their constant Expansion and Update keeping in mind our valued users even for Specific Requirements.

We are with you since 1986 only due to your valuable response for our Quality Products and Service after Sales.

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